Your mobility device uses a pair of deep cycle batteries that are designed to hold charge for an extended period and provide power to your device for traveling a fair distance.   For Example: a well conditioned fully charged pair of 35 amp hour batteries can provide power to drive a scooter a distance of 10 - 15 total miles.

Here are some tips on Charging your Power Mobility Device from Trusted Mobility:

1) Always follow your manufacture's instructions.

2) Only use a charger designed for your type of mobility device. Do NOT use a car battery charger as you can damage the electronic circuits, batteries and even create a fire hazard. 

3) Allow your mobility device to fully charge its batteries. Charge your mobility device 8 to 14 hours - ONLY.   To attain full charge, your batteries must be charged for a minimum of 8 hours. However be careful not to overcharge your batteries.  Do NOT exceed 14 consecutive hours. Exceeding 14 hours will degrade your batteries and cause premature death of your power source.  Damaged batteries result in shorter driving distances and you will notice a rapid decent from full power to charging required on your battery gauge or LED.  Batteries are generally not covered under warranty so Take good care of your power source.

4) Also avoid charging your mobility device batteries for short periods of time(less than 8 hours). This can also injure your batteries and shorten their life.

So the take away lessons are:  Follow your manufacturer's recommendations, use a charger that is designed for your type of batteries and system, don't over or under charge your batteries (stay within 8-14 hours of charging).  Keep these recommendations in mind and you'll enjoy the power your device was designed to deliver.

Remember Medicare does not approve Power Wheelchairs for outside use - scooters are designed for that application.