Trusted Mobility attends the International Car Show

Trusted Mobility attends the International Car Show

The San Diego International Car Show has been the place to find automotive innovation for many years.   Generally the show is held over the Christmas and New Year holiday weekends.  It features a show case of new technology from the giants of the automotive industry.  Trusted Mobility attended this year to collaborate and explore the latest advancements in off-road, high performance, and full sized vehicles that are designed to accommodate individuals with mobility requirements.  We are happy to report to our clients that an abundance of newly designed vehicles are now available with lift mounts and systems that put the mobility driver behind the wheels of off road and high performance automobiles.  Mobility challenged individuals are increasing and represents a significant portion of our American population.  Many options were found in the Mobility Zone at the International Car show.  Options that were not available even a year ago.  Trusted Mobility is working with our partners to push the envelopes of service and products providing our customers with solutions that improve mobility and the quality of life.

Trusted Mobility's mission is to provide exceptional mobility services and products our customers value.  Our professional staff is dedicated to satisfying our customer's mobility needs.

Boston Patient gets his Legs back!

Prior to Precision Repair Network (PRN) going bankrupt, Boston resident Ron Pardini had PRN pick up his chair for servicing.  The chair was then tangled up in Bankruptcy proceedings like so many other patients.  Mr. Pardini needed his chair back - he referred to his chair as his legs.  His legs allowed him to enjoy basic pleasures of life, such as gardening and moving about his home.  Mr. Pardini reached out to Trusted.

Ron DeMuth, President of Nationwide Home Medical Supply and Trusted Mobility Repair, heard about Mr. Pardini and knew reuniting Mr Pardini with his legs was an important thing to do.  It was no small task navigating through the court system but eventually the chair was found and reunited with Mr. Pardini.   Mr. DeMuth then made it a priority for Trusted Mobility Repair to seek out other situations like this one, reuniting patients who were affected by the PRN bankruptcy with their property became a corporate cause.

To date many patients have been reunited with their mobility property because of actions taken by Trusted Mobility. 

A Company with a Mission - Trusted Mobility seeks to help patients left behind.

Patients have been left behind with the recent demise of mobility service and sales providers.  In 2013, The Scooter Store filed for Bankruptcy leaving their customers looking for assistance in servicing their power wheelchairs and scooters.  The next year, 2014, one of the nation's largest service groups Precision Repair Network followed by involuntarily filing bankruptcy, again leaving customers with few places to turn for their mobility needs.

Stephen Tunnell, Nationwide Home Medical and Trusted Mobility's Chief Operating Officer says, "According to a 2012 Census report, Mobility is the most common disability among older Americans.  Our Customer Service lines are continually ringing with patients who have been left without a reputable means or source to meet their mobility service needs.  Some of these patients are in tears.  We have been able to help many of these patients." 

Trusted Mobility a subsidiary of Nationwide Home Medical Supply is now focused on helping patients maintain and service their power wheelchairs.  This company has been rapidly growing and adding sites nationally to meet the needs of these patients.  Unlike other service providers the company's goal is to repair the power wheelchair on-site using its Trusted Mobile service program.